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DiffTextView Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

(void) - computeLineRangesFromUpTo:
(void) - dealloc [implementation]
(void) - drawRect: [implementation]
(id) - initWithFrame: [implementation]
(NSArray *) - lineRangesArray
(NSRange) - lineRangesForRect:
(void) - scrollWheel: [implementation]
(void) - setChanges:
(void) - setColor:forChangeNumber:
(void) - setLineRanges:
(void) - superviewFrameChanged: [implementation]

Public Attributes

NSMutableArray * blockCharacterRangesArray
NSRect * blockRectsArray
int blockRectsArrayFirstFree
int blockRectsArraySize
NSArray * changes
NSMutableArray * colors
int firstCharOfLastLine
int lastLine
NSMutableArray * lineRangesArray
float * separationDiff
float * separationPosition

Detailed Description

Definition at line 30 of file DiffTextView.h.

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